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Lloyd The Conqueror is 10x way better than that other LARP movie, Role Models.

The Canadian indie comedy follows three lazy community college students, Lloyd, Patrick and Oswald, who are forced by their evil, LARP-obsessed professor into joining a LARPing team in order to receive a passing grade so that the boys don’t lose their financial aid. You may be asking yourself, what in the world is LARP and for that matter LARPing? LARP, is Live Action Role-Play where LARPing allows participants to let their imaginations run wild on a grand scale. With a fictional setting as the starting point, LARPers get to choose their character, design accompanying costumes, and then physically act out their characters’ actions; all in the name of having a good ol’ time.

Lloyd (Evan Williams) is the pretty boy leader of the trio and on top of trying to motivate his even lazier friends into doing some work in class and for the LARPing team, he Is also trying hard to win the affection of the tough pretty girl Cassandra (Tegan Moss). Cassandra teaches a self-defense course where Lloyd has volunteered to be a human punching bag. In return, Cassandra agrees to join Lloyd’s LARPing team. Helping the novice LARPers to defeat the wicked professor Derek (Mike Smith, aka Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys) and his Horde of Chaos is the Level 80 White Wizard (and shop keeper of dork haven, The Sentry Fox), Andy (Brian Posehn). A simple good versus evil story that just happens to include a grand Dungeons and Dragons-like game where grown-up adults play dress up, kill each other with foam swords, cast spells with giant dies, and talk in ye old English.

If it weren’t for the obvious Canadian plug-ins, a sign that reads Calgary Community College and a huge Canadian flag dangling on the wall of the boys’ home, this comedy would not have seemed like a Canadian indie comedy. It isn’t all that bad of a movie with its quirky plot; it is well-shot and has plenty of comedic, and sometimes crude, elements. Plus, there is a pretty good movie soundtrack filled with Canadian rock bands.  Sure, the plot may seem ultra-nerdy and all but really the jokes are not making fun of LARPing. Also both Smith and Posehn are great in the movie; Smith being completely different than what most are used to seeing him in Trailer Park Boys and Posehn has some really funny one liners which is delivered so well. Lloyd’s friends, Patrick (Jesse Reid) and Oswald (Scott Patey), also seem to be having a lot of fun with the movie and there is chemistry between the three guys. If anything, Oswald seems like the dorky one who should already know a thing or two about the world of Demons & Dwarves. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a movie that has a unicorn played by Canadian stand-up comedian Darcy Michael, a Vulcan played by Harland Williams, and a Wall of Awesome.

Come Ye, Come All! Bring thy foam lancers and 1000-sided dies and join in the fun that is Lloyd The Conqueror.

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- Aline Le

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  1. Role Models wasn’t a LARP movie, just saying.

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