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Directed by Alex Chardon, Inbred is about two social workers taking four troubled youth on a weekend trip, to encourage a little fun. While traveling down a country road, they get lost and end up at an abandoned inn. After tidying up as a group bonding project, they head to the nearest pub which is where all the trouble starts. One by one, they get brutally tortured and murdered by hillbilly psychopaths.

For starters, the six victims we are supposed to be sympathizing with, are unlikable and annoying. They are all really stupid.. Even beyond run-of-the-mill horror film stupid. The acting was abysmal. So, right there, you’ve lost most of the audience.To make matters worse, there is no back story, for the inbreds nor for the group of six. I can understand if the villains are killing for the joy of it, but the victims? What connects them to each other? Do they have families? I wanted more, so I could feel something for these people as they were getting picked off.

Admittedly, there is a scene with a horse that I quite liked. And you’ll never look at ferrets the same way again. In the end, though, this is a dull film that drags too often, with too little pay off. The sexual innuendos are too obvious, making the entire movie one dirty joke.. And not the good kind, either. It wasn’t funny enough or scary enough, and tried too hard to be both in the process.

With a foreign setting (the ancient UK countryside), this could have been a really creepy little movie. Instead, Inbred is a big waste of time. There are so many films in this genre that are so much better, whether it is Deliverance or The Hills Have Eyes. There is really no need to see this movie. Overall, a huge disappointment.
- Danita Steinberg

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