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Grave Encounters 2 is about a film student who is obsessed with finding out the truth about the first film, Grave Encounters. After doing some research and being contacted by a mysterious youtube user, Alex and his three friends take a road trip to the abandoned psychiatric hospital that was used in the first movie. They soon find out that Grave Encounters was everything but fiction.

On the whole, I thought this was a really clever idea. The directors, the Vicious Brothers, took the exact same location as the first film, and made it scary in a new way for the sequel. There are questions surrounding movies like The Blair Witch Project and the Paranormal Activity franchise – what if these films are real? I appreciated how Grave Encounters 2 tackled this idea in an exciting way.

Throughout the film, there are a few solid scares which horror fans will love. The force within the hospital is relentless, and like I said, the Vicious Brothers have come up with some inventive scares in this one.

While Grave Encounters 2 gets off to a good start, it flies off its hinges about halfway through. It becomes too meta for its own good. Everyone thinks they are so smart these days. Why can’t you just make a simple, scary flick without referencing your film and the entire horror genre? Why is it necessary to wink at the camera at every given opportunity? We just want to be scared, filmmakers!

Not only that, I was pretty bored for most of it. The pacing is totally off for the last hour, which definitely hinders the scares. By the end, it had a chance to redeem itself, but the film took on a predictable and laughable ending, which only made matters worse.

Overall, I’m going to advise that you avoid this one. I’m sorry to report that Grave Encounters 2 will not be your newest Halloween staple.

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